Pay back PRIDE.

Every June, large corporations change their profile pictures and stock shelves with rainbow-colored products to “support” pride, yet simultaneously donate hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of dollars to Anti-LGBTQ+ politicians and PACs. This comes at a time when anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is sweeping the nation, with over 500 bills introduced in the most recent legislative session, and 87 passing in 23 states (Trans Legislation Tracker). Performative allyship sucks–that’s why this year, we are asking corporations to put their money where their mouths are.

Take Action

We summed up donation records from over 100 companies to PACs (RSLC, RAGA, and RGA) and state legislators in the 23 states that have passed and implemented anti-LGBTQ+ laws. Find your favorite companies and brands, and in a few clicks, email, tweet, and flood their instagram comments to let them know that solidarity is not for sale.

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Data from Trans Legislation Tracker, Human Rights Watch, Follow The Money, and the Internal Revenue Service (2018-2022)